beach with rocks

“The person that turns over the most rocks wins the game.” – Peter Lynch

With many counters in the stock market, and limited funds, it will be difficult to make a decision on which companies to invest into. Knowing that some do not have an idea on what to buy, or when to buy a stock. This is because understanding every company’s business and fundamentals takes tremendous amount of effort. This blog helps to provide insights on the business and performance of companies, saving the time on flipping through years of financial statements and annual reports.

Who am I:

Am a salaried employee in the day who have a degree in accounting but a technology enthusiast at night. Built to provide information about the stock market.

Started investing 3 years ago, wanting to share my experience and companies i follow throughout the years.

Investment Style:

Dividend investing is my preferred style, as I do not have much time to monitor the stock market. Companies I invest in are mainly stable companies that pays decent amount of dividends.    

Why was started:

 1. To document the thoughts and ideas gained from reading about the stock. Providing summary of facts and information for easy reference.

2. To improve accountability when making investment decisions.

3. Overturning “rocks” one by one, building up my knowledge across industries while waiting for opportunity to arise.

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